This will include most Frequently Asked Questions and Requirements to Book.

A light screening is mandatory for all new friends as I host from a private space,

my safety is top priority when meeting new friends.  I value discretion.

All information given will be properly disposed of upon verification.

Previous clients do not need to resubmit screening information.

For you comfort there are three options for screening:

Please email the following to


#1 Employment Verification

Please Include

-Your Full Legal Name and Age

 -Along With a Photo of Your Business Card, 

Link to Company Website, or LinkedIn Profile.

#2 Personal Information

-Please provide your Full Legal Name, Age, and a photo of your ID,

 cover address, date of birth, drivers license number.

Clients visiting from a foreign country please provide a photo of your passport and boarding pass to be verified.

#3  Companion Reference


Please look to see if I am following your references via Twitter @exclusiveelliot,

if I am not I will NOT accept the reference.

Please include

-Your Full Legal Name


-Telephone Number, No Burner or App Numbers

-TWO Most Recent Companions You've Visited Within 6 Months

Please include:  Name, Website, and Email Address

Once your identity has been verified you will be asked to pay a booking fee

of $100 via CashApp or Google Pay

Please place my consideration in plain view at the beginning of our date in an unsealed envelope.

If meeting in public place within a card or gift bag.

Any attempt in negotiating rates will result in the end of our time together.

At this time my preferred method of payment for companionship is cash only.

If you do wish to extend our time please have the appropriate consideration available.​

Clean is always seductive, there is no better way to end a day than to be in the embrace of a decadent smelling gentleman. 

I ask that you take the time to use the amenities while visiting my apartment upon your arrival.

I keep my incall fully stocked with an array of toiletries.

Punctuality is of the utmost importance and shows respect for one another's time. I will always show up on time and if there is an issue I will be sure to contact you in a reasonable time frame.

Building a strong mental connection leads to the ultimate pinnacle of intimacy in my book.

I am naturally curious and affectionate so please feel free to be yourself in my presence.  

I want to elicit your inner romantic, explore the possibilities with an open mind and an open heart. 

If you enjoy deep conversation, endless kissing, the overall euphoric feeling of love and acceptance then we are definitely a match. 

If you plan on visiting my incall I would love to play hostess please let me know what snacks and beverages you enjoy I will have beer, wine, water, etc available to you during our time together.

Yes, I am newbie friendly.

Yes, I have no problem being your first encounter with an African American woman.

Many men have an attraction to us but may be hesitant to act. 

It is the way our lips are organically full yet sweet, the sway of our hips when we walk, how are bums look effortlessly flawless in a pair of yoga pants. 

Who can say the exact reasons? 

If you are willing to get close, I definitely would not mind giving you

an introduction to your first interracial experience.

Well informed, well dressed, well spoken, and well traveled.

Passport ready as well if you're feeling an international affair.

All of my photos are current.  Yes these photos are of myself.  I will be updating them throughout the year.

The perfect date for any social occasion you can always expect to see me dressed appropriately.


Feel free to email at any time after our date has been confirmed.

Be sure to keeps things professional.  Open communication between us is encouraged.




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