Please Me

I ask that you place my consideration in plain view at the beginning of our date in an unsealed envelope.

If meeting in public place within a card or gift bag.

Any attempt in negotiating rates will result in the end of our time together/denied appointment request.


Accepted Methods of Payment

At this time my preferred method of payment for companionship is cash only.

If you do wish to extend our time please have the appropriate consideration available,



Clean is always seductive, there is no better way to end a day than

to be in the embrace of a decadent smelling gentleman. 

You will be required to wash your hands, shower, and use mouthwash

during your visit.

Running Late?

If you are running late, please communicate that to me.

I will do the same for you should I have issues 

meeting with you in a timely fashion.

No Review Policy

I do not allow explicit reviews for personal and professional reasons.

I ask that you respect this decision.

If you are looking for a checklist of services or a menu you will not find it.

What happens between two consenting adults should remain between them.

Your First Time?

 I am newbie friendly!  I love to meet friends who are new at this as they usually have the most fun!

I also have no problem being your first encounter with an African American woman.

Many men have an attraction to us but may be hesitant to act. 

If you are willing to get close, I definitely would not mind giving you

an introduction to your first interracial experience.


All of my photos are current. 

To see daily photos and posts follow my personal Twitter account @exclusiveelliot.

You will see that I am the perfect date for any social occasion

you can always expect to see me dressed appropriately.


COVID Precautions

thoroughly disinfect my incall daily and am stocked with soap and hand sanitizer for your use.

Personally I will be tested for COVID every two weeks.

My most recent test date is Friday October 23rd with a Negative result.

Check out the Alternative Dating Tab for other dating options if you are high risk.

No Worries Be Happy!

Relax and don't rush this experience we will have a wonderful time!

@2020 by Elliot Emerson.