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What does it mean to be the Secret of the South?

Sweet tea and Bourbon with a twist of Lemon.  


Distinctive flavors, call me your secret formula; the reason you smile for days.

The warm and welcoming replenishment this combination offers at the touch of your lips.  

This delicate balance is undeniably addictive and where the secret begins to unfold.

The Secret can be described as nothing short of an experience; The Emerson Experience.  

It is an interlude of intimacy, affection, hedonism. 

You will find me to be an eccentric, shy at times with a sweet disarming disposition.  

Having traveled extensively, I am quite the adventurous young woman with a penchant for enjoying both life's simple and extravagant pleasures.

I am eager to listen with an open heart & an open mind.  What can be more quenching to the appetite than a self-assured southern beauty with eclectic tastes?  

Standing at 5 feet 4 inches tall, I am a curvaceous doe-eyed beauty with caramel skin, velvety smooth to the touch and impossibly soft lips.  

A magnificent frame measuring 34D-26-37.

What stands to be gained shall linger in fleeting memories until we meet again.

Ready to claim me as Your Own Personal Secret?





@2020 by Elliot Emerson.