• Elliot Emerson

Why Reviews Don't Matter

Hello again dear friend. Welcome to my blog where I have been a bit quiet. While I do wish to turn this blog into a podcast episode I will try to map out my thoughts here first.

I have received an alarming number of inquiries where I am asked for reviews of myself. My experience, my service, I don't know exactly what these folks are looking for but I have always been anti review since I started.

2017 is the year that I began my adventure as Elliot. It truly has been one hell of a ride. Reviews by The Erotic Review were considered to be the "necessary evil." It was one thing I chose not to participate in as I was a companion part time, showing face, with a full time career. Now I know that is a personal choice to share this information.

This leads us to the question: What is included in a review?

Sexual acts, whether or not the companion looks like her photos, personal grooming, a list of made up acronyms and fan fiction smut written for men.

Unrealistic, demeaning, misogynistic.

You are completely stripped of anonymity.

So much of what most clients want is for us to give them what they want with no questioning from them. This is a one sided game in my opinion.

Reviews can be faked, reviews that are real can at times not be accepted because they aren't graphic enough. How can one filter through what is real and what is imaginary?

SEXUALLY CHARGED EXPLICIT DESCRIPTIONS can be used against you in various ways.

Definitely in court and could be leaked to family members, friends, and employers since most of the information is available to nonmembers at no cost.

The reviewers are usually not the ones left out to dry in this case, the casualty of these reviews would be the companion.

So many clients preach about having their right to privacy to not screen, to not share their names, to not send their photo identification but want an entire lesson on what our reproductive systems look like. What a double standard to uphold.

I am here to tell you that I proudly do not have reviews but to ease the curiosity for some I will begin to speak about the sexual and sensual experiences that I enjoy on my podcast.

To those who wish to know what they are getting before spending, I suggest you take a leap of faith. The old me would politely tell you to fuck off, but each day I am growing to be the best companion that I can be. Why is that? I truly love this work. I understand your hesitation but you are always in good hands with me as I take my reputation seriously.

I work harder than most ever could imagine because I am a woman, I am black, I am looked down on for having higher rates, but with that comes a higher level of service and standards for myself.

Will this satisfy the appetite of the undecided buyer of time?

I am not sure.

Will I ever succumb to having my persona tied to explicit distasteful reviews?

Most likely not.

Spending time with a companion is an experience and not an actual physical product.

The right to withdraw consent to any activity that may be harmful or uncomfortable must remain present for yourself and the person you are seeing.

Each experience can vary as we all seek different outcomes.

If you are able to trust that process then you will always have a delightful time no matter who you are with.

Companionship is a luxury not a necessity.

Reviews have no place in such a dynamic market.

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