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Experience Orlando with the PERFECT Theme Park

Updated: Jun 9, 2019

To celebrate 2 years of being a companion and 5 years in my chosen career I decided to gift myself with a Power Season Pass to Universal Studios!

On my Twitter account you saw me conduct a poll on whether you would take on Disney World or Universal and the majority of you voted Disney!

I am shocked! Have any of you been to that horrid place during spring break and well into the humid summer months?

Disney World is full of children along with their families from all over the world. Women AND men who make it their personal mission to run you over with their strollers if you dare get in the way of them taking the tiny brigade to ride the whirring teapots. Proceed with caution.

Tread lightly, be prepared to take on the daunting tasks of exploring over 3 parks in X amount of days.

It almost reminds me of the Hunger Games but with toddlers. May the odds be in your favor!

I would much rather relax with an adult beverage while I watch the madness ensue.

From my research I have gathered adults are only able to drink at one Disney Theme park, Animal Kingdom and only at particular times. I'll trust you will ignore me trying to sway your opinion and do your own painstaking research.

But at Universal Studios Wine, Beer, and Wifi flow freely!

There are only three parks to explore, which can actually be done within a 2-3 days stay.

Universal CityWalk is also a great place to shop, eat, and explore before or even after your day at the parks. Here you will find Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville, Starbucks. and even a movie theater! What more could you want?

Islands of Adventure has been named the #1 Amusement Park from 2015-2018 by Trip Advisor.

I am honestly so stoked to have this pass where I will be able to enjoy the park again on my own time.

A one time 2-park ticket to Universal will run around $170-180 per person while a seasonal pass with some black out dates (April, December, a few others) will be around $300.

Once you have a pass you will also receive a discount on the Universal Express Pass which is definitely worth the investment if you are traveling in a group to cut waiting times for attractions in half.

I look forward to my next visit! When I will have more time to check out Diagon Alley!


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