• Elliot Emerson

Coming into The Experience

Updated: Nov 11, 2019

Hello my lovelies and my lovers!

If you've listened to The Emerson Experience you know that is my usual opening line...

So many ideas go through my mind with the direction I would like to take with my podcast but I mainly feel like I am just rambling.

Let's be real.

I only want to provide you with something you'll find useful or entertaining in the least.

I want you to learn about me, learn about this industry from one person's view point.

Many of my suitors do tell me that they enjoy my podcast as well as some ladies.

In the upcoming episodes I am open to collaborating with companions, clients, photographers, anyone who would like to participate in normalizing our industry.

We want to keep things fresh and exciting.

As I am working on a secure setting in which to record these episodes I ask that you be patient and gentle with me.

If you've forgotten, I am a genuine introvert!


I ABSOLUTELY hate to talk about myself and I've been this way my entire life.

Some days the silence gets to me, yet the universe will bring me ideas for the show.

Of course I choose to remain in my comfort zone of quiet.

When you remain comfortable you remain stagnant.

You won't challenge yourself, you won't be able to share your talents with the world.

I promise to deliver you some amazing things soon!

I look forward to creating content that you will love and leaves you wanting more.




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