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The Ideal Client

Updated: Jan 23

Via Twitter Yesterday 5-7-19 @ethicalassistant wrote,

"What makes your ideal client?"

My response,

"Someone who handles all contact with me in a professional and respectful way. Gifts are not important to me but the way that he treats me (during) the process of screening, complying with my requested deposit and cancellation policies is also a huge turn on!"

Believe me when I say that most of the ladies who replied to the thread are able and willing to meet the requirements listed. This isn't a hobby for most of us but an actual job so we treat it as such. Our concern for the safety and enjoyment of both parties involved is shown in the effort we put into our marketing, advertisements, and the costs associated with keeping it all afloat. If you choose the appropriate ladies this will be easy to sense and your date should be pleasurable leaving you wanting more.


We appreciate you!

For every suitor that I am blessed with in the past and in the near future here is my love letter to you with my expectations.

I am a believer in matching, leveling up in our energies and high vibrations. I want to put this out in the universe so that it will manifest 100 fold.

You may be new to this world. I welcome you with an open heart and open mind.

My preference for gentlemen who are looking for a newbie friendly experience with no expectations, no hoops to jump through, no checklists to complete is strong.

We want to accomplish the same goal: a genuine heartfelt connection between two individuals who value time spent together.

Here are a few tips to follow before, during, and after we meet.

Screening 101 is also a good supplement in addition to this blog.

-Show a bit of personality in your introductory email. I love to know more about you before we meet. You can share your occupation, age, race, hobbies with me always.

-Please provide all information that I request in order to be completely confident in you while we enjoy the company of one another. Many a client feel the need to bypass this for their own "security" however I would like to remind you that the gentleman who will have the utmost rewarding time with me will never value their need for discretion over my own safety and comfort.

-Prepayment and deposits show that you are taking the initiative in fully trusting your provider to book an appointment. I understand not everyone is able to do this but trust me, it put your provider at ease knowing that you value her time enough to invest in securing your spot to visit with her. If you are worried about the discretionary aspect of providing a deposit I urge you to research privacy.com or the "Privacy App" which allows you to create a virtual debit card for discretionary spending.

It's free to sign up!

This is only the beginning of a relationship and I look forward to meeting new hearts in the near future as your choice of travel companion/local stand-in girlfriend.

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