• Elliot Emerson

The Casualty of Connections

The virus that must not be named for fear of perpetuating it any further than it could go.

We are now at rock bottom as a nation. Thousands have died, lost jobs, and the world of sex work has changed as we know it.

Where is the demand? Well some are hesitant to work for fear of getting sick or exposing themselves as well as their loved ones.

I feel the demand is there although it has been met in other ways. Technology has helped tremendously however it is no substitute for human touch. Many companions flocked to websites to supplement the loss of income from in person work such as OnlyFans (myself included.)

This website is where one can find a bit more intimate details about their beloved social media favorites.

Nude or lewd photos, videos, multiple posts, audio clips. Hand crafted soft-core porn. I never in a million years thought I would succumb to such but here I am.

You can find me here:


My subscription price varies from $7 to $12 depending on how much work I feel like putting into my digital persona.

From the rush of income I made in the beginning I invested in a better high definition camera, multiple outfits, and several sex toys. I even put together a video series testing various toys from my Amazon Wishlist.

Real life meetings are very much preferred as online work is oversaturated and the pay cut stings. "More for less" seems to be the motto.

More work, more attention, more you all for the price of a cup of coffee!

That has never been my style. As much as I enjoy watching the final product of the filming process in some cases, strip tease videos will always be my favorite to record.

I would much rather beguile you one on one.

I can see each and every day that the industry is making a come back but it is at a much slower pace.

Seeing a companion has always been a luxury, now one that many cannot afford.

Many companions are retiring. I have no doubt that some will return eventually but the drop in business has been more than discouraging at times.

In these times I remember why I felt called to enter into this industry.

I love people and I love to care for them.

As I make the transition from part time to full time sex work I have to consider certain concessions, such as contracting the virus during an appointment (possible even outside of an appointment) I have raised my rates accordingly.

Raising rates in the midst of living through Jumanji has been the scariest decision of all but it is the right decision for myself at this time.

As I stated previously companionship is a luxury.

I believe it should be treated as such no matter the circumstance.

Throughout the last few months I have met incredible people who have been more supportive than I could ever imagine.

Thank you so much. I cannot wait to get back to the "new normal."

I long for your touch, your gaze across the table.

I wait to share a meal and a glass (bottle) of wine with you somewhere far away.

I cannot wait to travel abroad soon.

Please be kind to your companions when and if you are able to see them, do not take them or the experience that they provide for granted.


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