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Screening 101


I hope that you not only use these tips with me but with other independent providers as well.

#1- Please introduce yourself properly as if you are courting this woman, because that is essentially what you are doing. Be a gentleman! State your business, give a brief description of who you are and what you enjoy doing, and how you found the lady you wish to spend time with.

#2- Include all information the specific provider requests.

Basics here: Name, Occupation, Age, Physical Description.

You can make these things sound tasteful without feeling like you are baring your soul (unless you're into that sort of thing...) I can assure you.

I also suggest reading her website thoroughly and if you are confused about anything please get in touch with her to find out more details. It never hurts to ask for clarification.

#3- References are a great way to remain discreet but please limit them to two ladies within the past 6 months. Ask permission from these ladies that you may use them as a reference.

Keep in mind that I am happy to be used as a reference. I personally correspond with clients and ladies.

Information that I request from references: name, email address, website, and/or any social media handles.

What to Expect in My Screening Every Time:

-Your Full Name, A Brief Physical Description, Your Age, Tell Me About Yourself

-Two Recent Provider References OR Employment Verification

Realize that this information is for my own safety to verify your identity and to know more about you and what I can expect from our time together.

Surprises rarely mix with chance encounters so to keep us both at ease, I do a number of things:

I interact through social media, post candid photos, and I actually show my face all while having a career which is a risk in itself.

I only ask these things of you my potential beau to have the best experience possible!

Cheers to actually meeting and creating amazing memories together!




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