• Elliot Emerson

Out of the Dark...

21 Hours ago I Tweeted,

"Today I came out as a sex worker to someone very important to me.

They were incredibly supportive and impressed.

This person means the world to me.

I'm so happy!

Check on your sex worker friends.

Be gentle with us, we struggle more than we let on.

I love you all."

When I put this message out into the universe I had no idea the impact it would have on others.

Today this Tweet has over 500 likes and 60 retweets.

This lets me know one thing, there are more people who are accepting and full of love than I thought possible.

To share the joy of a complete stranger fills me with hope for us all:

Sex workers, families of those in sex work, and the people we hold closest to our hearts.

Many times providers are exposed when they least expect it.

A reply to my Tweet stated that they hoped the person wouldn't use this very information against me in the future.

I've come to terms with that happening. There is always a possibility.

However I am not ashamed nor will I ever be made to feel bad about my decision to become an escort.

Two years ago I met a wonderful human being by coincidence and our friendship blossomed into a beautiful relationship however conflicting circumstances would not allow us to be together.

It was understood why we could no longer continue our relationship as he was attached.

This is in part how I knew I would be great at being Elliot.

Our relationship taught me many things;

How to be compassionate, a better lover for my partner, and much about consent while using every bit of discretion.

My loved one is my inspiration for every connection I make as Elliot, without him

The Emerson Experience would not be as authentic as it is.

I am sure he will never read this, or he may! I did give him my website address! Haha!

I love you for reading this and thank you for accepting me as I am for the last two years.

Where would I be without you?


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