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How'd You Do It...

How did I fall into the world of paid companionship?

Where a good bit of women all start:

Sugar Dating.

Do you know how awful sugar dating can be? Many clients who lowball young women often resort to setting up accounts on these websites, making bold statements like::





Uhhhhh, I thought this site was about mutually beneficial agreements between consenting adults? Sounds a lot like, what you won't do and what am I willing to do for the scraps you'll toss my way if you see that I am fit, white, and able to fit into your delusional mold of what you believe to be a sugar baby/sugar daddy "arrangement."

Do yourself a favor and stay far away from anything remotely similar to a site like this.

Seeking Arrangement is definitely the most infamous which means it has the highest number of people who have no idea what they are doing or what they want.

Elliot is all about simplicity. So after a few dates that were mediocre, some that were dreadfully painful, and one chain smoking sugar daddy that damn near gave me anxiety attacks on a day-to-day basis I decided "arrangements" just weren't my jam!

A friend I met from Instagram is actually who I have to thank for pushing me to become a companion instead.

She knew that I loved to travel often, and that I didn't have an immediate need for a booming income, if I started in a way that was not out of desperation I could be successful.

Research is the name of the game.

Ladies do your research! No one can stress this enough!

Are you reliable? Can you easily detach? Are you customer service oriented?

All of these things matter in this industry.

If you are late for a date or flakey, who will want to spend their hard earned income on you?!

Many of your clients may be married or involved can you show empathy and detach any negative emotions they may share with you from yourself once they're no longer in your presence?

Can you stay on brand and not crowd your social media presence with complaints about your clients?

This is no walk in the park. I want anyone who is reading this blog entry to realize.

In this moment as I am typing has been the easiest topic for me to engage in my mind.

Words are flowing freely, almost too freely. My mind may barely keep up with my fingers...

Here I am two years later! I don't regret my decision at all and I would love to be able to share more of my resources with ladies who are interested in this line of work.

How I will be able to do so, I am still trying to navigate.

Knowledge is power.




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