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Fly You to Me Dates

September is here and I am feeling good.

How are you?

2019 is more than halfway done!

Time sure does fly when you are having fun!

The kids are going back to school finally and you may be taking that last family vacation before the bell rings.

Summer time can be lagging but I also know that new suitors await within the next couple of months.

Hi there if you are reading this!

I want to acclimate you on the best way to keep up with me when you consider booking.

You should know that I prioritize travel dates and extended dates well in advance.

Fly Me to You requires some strategic and creative planning on my side!

The sooner you can reach out and confirm a date with me and send in that deposit, the better!

Preferably you will fill me in on details a month or two in advance.

This allows me to put you on my calendar without wondering.

Also consider flying into Dallas to visit if Fly Me to You is a bit out of reach!

One can easily fly a great carrier like Southwest into Dallas-Lovefield Airport which is about 20 minutes away from my cozy apartment!

The possibilities are endless if and when you decide to fly into Dallas!

We have so much to offer, with our fabulous weather, plethora of dining, museums, and attractions there has never been a better time to Visit Texas with me as your guide.

Blog coming soon with Texas Date Ideas! Yeehaw!


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