• Elliot Emerson

Are you LEGIT?

I'm glad you asked....

I am.

Too legit to quit.

If you've ever questioned the authenticity of a provider do your homework and you will find that for most this is a FULL TIME GIG! 24 hours a day. seven days a week, night and weekends.

I've traded in civilian life for everything Elliot.

It's all about Elliot.

All of the time.


To prove to my wonderful clients and future beaus that I am here, I am available, who I am, who I fit with.

Another reason that I am so transparent

in who I am:

I am forgoing the traditional route of using advertising platforms, they're too expensive, risky, etc. To truly value discretion I only would like to invite certain individuals into my cozy circle that I've created within The Emerson Experience.

I prefer to not give my information to websites questioning whether or not it's my choice to be a sex worker or if I am being held in this line of work against my own free will.

Elliot Emerson is a product of love and labor.

If you ever need to feel secure when booking with me I invite you to browse the following platforms...

Twitter @ExclusiveElliot Where you can find me interacting in real time and posting photos, updates, and news.

Instagram @Elliot.Emerson Find random photos and stories that I post day to day. I am working on becoming very active there as I gain more followers!

SoundCloud @TheEmersonExperience Podcast *My Personal Favorite* Hear my voice, and charming banter. I think this puts most of you at ease which is exactly where I want you to be for us to have a wonderful time together.

Cheers to meeting Miss Legit,

Elliot Emerson XX

ps- How many times do you think I can type my name in one blog post?!


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