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Alignment and Attraction

Updated: Aug 8, 2019

Today I received an interesting Direct Message via Twitter from a follower.

What prompted the message was my comment on screening.


How many times will I need to explain why companions screen?

Personally we have a lot more to lose than our clients.

Meeting a complete stranger of the opposite sex who could possibly overpower you in a dire situation, cause harm to you, kidnap, rape or even rob you?

What do you think I could do at 5'4" to protect myself?

Not much other than to carry a weapon with me to every appointment and let's face it,

I'm lover not a fighter.

We put ourselves at risk with every encounter we have.

This is why I prefer to be much more discreet and low volume in comparison to a full time provider.

You won't find me on your local review board.

I am a person who provides an experience not a product for anyone and everyone to consume.

I am not a notch on a belt.

If you seek this type of interaction, I am not the companion for you.

Be genuine with me and I with you.

To be my "person", you've likely never heard of a review site.

You believe what goes on between two people remains between the two.

No kiss and tell.

I want to know who you are. I want to know that you have confidence in me to keep your personal information confidential, that I have requested this only as a safety precaution to be comfortable in your presence.

Back to the Direct Message...

A follower expressed to me that he would never dig for the personal information of a provider and would not expect to be asked for his information.

My reply, "I request this for screening purposes only."

The message I received was a list of over 20 women who have not asked this man for his real world information. (According to him....)

Why would anyone send this to a provider who requests proper screening information?

I am unsure what point he was trying to make.

Am I to alter my process?

The next day I saw him Tweet that it is the way it is done in this part of the country and that the "hobby sisters" take care of one another.

Last time I checked when I decided to enter the lifestyle I did so alone.

There was no promise of sisterhood.

This isn't a softball team or a sorority.

This is me, alone, conducting business in the most sane, safe, and professional way that I know how.

Remember that we have a life outside of this world. That may be difficult to come to grips with when you think it is all about you.

We have families, we are mothers, we are sisters, we are daughters.

How do you think it would feel to find out something happened to one of your family members or close friends?

How would you feel if someone attacked them and there was no trace of the person who committed this crime?

Take time to let that sink in.

The gentlemen I have seen have been more than willing to send me what I have requested from them with no issues.

In the beginning of my career my first client used a fake name which was very odd but I am starting to think this may be a normal practice.

It is quite concerning to see this even after being in the industry for three years.

My safety is not worth compromising.

The gentlemen with whom I would love to spend time with understand this.

We are aligned vibrationally! Get your mind out of the gutter!

Yes, you are allowed to laugh for as serious as this blog post has been you deserve a break!

As I learn more about the law of attraction I teach myself to let go of negative thoughts and ideas, of people who will not serve me.

Who will not serve me and my business?

Anyone who will not comply with my practices.

If there is any upstream struggle, please be dismissed.

If you see multiple women I could see why you would be wary of sharing your personal information.

Ladies in this industry can be fickle and unprofessional.

This and this reason only is why I put so much into the image I promote.

Hopefully you all see it as professional, friendly, and refreshing. That is after all who I am.

Know that I will always have my suitors best interest at heart.

I did not enter the industry to be used, abused, or fussed over but to be of value to those who provide value.

This approach may take time to gain regular clientele but that is the risk I am willing to take to be matched with those individuals of the highest caliber with only good intentions.

More Dilfs Please Universe!

More Discrete Business Men Visiting from Out of Town!

More Fly Me to Yous!

I open my arms to you if you felt my message was worth reading.

Please contact me at elliotemerson@protonmail.com


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