Elliot with a few Details

Often in this industry we get caught up in the smoke and mirrors of what true companionship entails. 

I want to make this a simple decision for you.  I am here to seek meaningful connections if you value how you feel after you leave my presence and wish to see me again, my job was done correctly.

Below are 50 facts about me you may find surprising. 

Let me know if any of these resonate with you during our time together.

1- I am quite shy when meeting someone for the first time so I naturally prefer to have longer meetings if it is our first rendezvous.

2 - I am a classically trained dancer my favorite style of dance is contemporary.

3 - My zodiac sign is Aquarius, I truly feel that I am the epitome of the mysterious zodiac.

4 - Being southern is a blessing and a curse.  You may hear my accent once I've had a few libations, no worries I have been told it's endearing.

5 - I built this website entirely on my own.  This site is the third I have built since becoming Elliot in 2017.

6 - My favorite beverages include (but are not limited to) red blends, most white wines, always champagne, dirty martinis with blue cheese olives, a good scotch, bourbon, and sparkling water.

7 - What led me to become a companion was my curiosity for meeting new people and making them feel wanted.

8 - I am All American, born and raised originally from North Carolina.

@2020 by Elliot Emerson.