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Updated: Nov 3

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I do not wish to be called exclusive but would like to note that I do provide an exclusive service that not everyone will be able to enjoy.

This being said, I have made some new policy changes in the way that I navigate the lifestyle of companionship.

Yesterday I announced that I would no longer be able to accept companion references. The decision to make this move was not taken lightly but after years and I mean YEARS of mediocre "he's okay" from previous companions of which I did not know personally and having awful dates and no-shows as a product of trusting someone else's experiences with a complete stranger, I can no longer trust this process.

I have always been thorough when giving a reference request to a lady however someone's standards may differ from my own, or perhaps one client may be well behaved with you and not with me. There are way too many variables to be able to trust this method. I am protecting my peace of mind and reclaiming my time by no longer putting myself in the midst of references.

To be completely honest with you here (as if I can lie to you) references have always made me cringe and when I see a list of names that a client has previously seen it usually does not sit right with me. I begin to think that I am just one of the many names who will be added to the list. I think of my body being one-time-use only for the potential client and nothing could dry me up faster than this idea. Yes the practice of hiring a companion is based on a NSA relationship however I would like to be more than that.

My best clients usually enjoy the time we spend together. They usually see me more than once. They view me as a person and not a receptacle for their lust and bodily fluids.

We actually care for one another. References rarely if at all are utilized by this type of client in my personal experience. I am elated to see the amount of support that backed my decision. I had no idea so many of you (companions) were no longer using references to screen!

While I will never discriminate against my clients for any reason I am finding that age differences matter. I've seen a few clients under the age of 30 and have had some issues which have lead me to a new age preference.

Via an original Tweet by ME, "30 and up to Ride. 35 and up Preferred.

45 and Up (insert water emoji.)

If you are under 30, fear not, I will still be able to see you but only with a 50% deposit.

I prefer bookings to be made 24-48 hours in advance always.

That is what is new in November! I look forward to meeting you soon! XX -E

It seems like I have been mostly silent about this subject as I have been too preoccupied living it.

I would appreciate hearing the stories of anyone willing talk/email to me about their experiences, preferably a client who has seen someone during this and a few companions who are currently working at any rate doing in-person work or relying on in-person work versus online work.

If you are interested in speaking about your Companionship During COVID experience on The Emerson Experience Podcast please reach out via email

hello@elliot-emerson.com with "Podcast" as your subject line.

In the beginning many were shamed for working throughout quarantine.

So much hate and judgement from complete strangers who offered zero financial help.

Eight months ago I began my journey of personal smut on Onlyfans (onlyfans.com/highdefgirlfriend) and did not see anyone for around 2 to 3 months. Online work definitely kept me afloat for months. I still post regularly to my account which is priced moderately should you care to join at $7.00 a month.

Businesses began opening in the great state of Texas rather quickly, it feels like things are somewhat back to normal, but who am I kidding when I say small luxuries like going out with friends and going out on dates will never be the same.

At least not for awhile. Awhile could be years.

What a false sense of normality, a false sense of safety, however I refuse to live and work in fear.

How long can you stand to be without human interaction? Without the touch of someone else? There's much to be said about missing out on these simple pleasures.

As for me and my house, we are always working in some fashion. The grind will not stop.

During what felt like a lifetime of isolation as a single woman during quarantine I began to research how to make soy candles. I won't say I have mastered the craft but I finally understand the basics.

At times I wanted to quit using soy wax all together. (It's a love/hate relationship.)

Now I have my own candle business that should be ready to launch by November (www.classandkitsch.com.)

Companionship during COVID19 has been controversial for many reasons:

Client's loss of income

Health and Safety Concerns

Companion's loss of income

Spread of disease/infection

And let's not forget that there's a presidential election happening soon!

What do sex workers do best?

ADAPT. I am extremely proud to see so many of us have multiple streams of income as we try to navigate another setback, most likely the biggest one since the passing of FOSTA/SESTA.

What has working during this crucial time been like?

A blessing and a curse all in one!

The inquiries have gotten even more ridiculous in my experience.

There's been a lack of wanting to provide screening information, requests for unsafe sex, along with requests to explain sexually explicit services and those clients who won't book with me because I do not allow reviews of what the inside of my vagina feels like.

What a wild ride!

Along with these crazy inquiries I decided to join a few platforms that are completely new to me to put potential client's minds at ease-- P*11 and PrivateD*lights.

Perhaps joining these platforms is the reason for the influx of pure garbage behavior or the fact that individuals believe that they are able to take advantage of sex workers now.

I want to make this clear, predatory behavior like this is unacceptable. I will never compromise my comfort or safety to make money.

This year I have met some of the most amazing and caring men in my time as Elliot.

There are no issues with them screening, no issues with sending deposits, no issues during our dates. We have the most splendid time together.

I manifested these chance meetings. Universe, please feel free to send me more of all the good that 2020 has left to offer.


If you'd like to be my next good deed please do not hesitate to reach out. I would love to meet more gentlemen before the year's end and start 2021 with a bang!

Precautions that I am taking while working include mutual temperature checks and self temperature checks.

STD screening as well as COVID screening.

Prioritization of longer appointments to meet less people.

Raising rates to cover any hazard pay should I fall ill.

Disinfecting my incall space frequently and always between visitors.

You will also be able to see what virtual offerings/options are available to you under the "Alternative Dating" tab here listed under the "Experience" tab.

I will continue to work online, in-person, and always as safely as possible.

  • Elliot Emerson

Hello again dear friend. Welcome to my blog where I have been a bit quiet. While I do wish to turn this blog into a podcast episode I will try to map out my thoughts here first.

I have received an alarming number of inquiries where I am asked for reviews of myself. My experience, my service, I don't know exactly what these folks are looking for but I have always been anti review since I started.

2017 is the year that I began my adventure as Elliot. It truly has been one hell of a ride. Reviews by The Erotic Review were considered to be the "necessary evil." It was one thing I chose not to participate in as I was a companion part time, showing face, with a full time career. Now I know that is a personal choice to share this information.

This leads us to the question: What is included in a review?

Sexual acts, whether or not the companion looks like her photos, personal grooming, a list of made up acronyms and fan fiction smut written for men.

Unrealistic, demeaning, misogynistic.

You are completely stripped of anonymity.

So much of what most clients want is for us to give them what they want with no questioning from them. This is a one sided game in my opinion.

Reviews can be faked, reviews that are real can at times not be accepted because they aren't graphic enough. How can one filter through what is real and what is imaginary?

SEXUALLY CHARGED EXPLICIT DESCRIPTIONS can be used against you in various ways.

Definitely in court and could be leaked to family members, friends, and employers since most of the information is available to nonmembers at no cost.

The reviewers are usually not the ones left out to dry in this case, the casualty of these reviews would be the companion.

So many clients preach about having their right to privacy to not screen, to not share their names, to not send their photo identification but want an entire lesson on what our reproductive systems look like. What a double standard to uphold.

I am here to tell you that I proudly do not have reviews but to ease the curiosity for some I will begin to speak about the sexual and sensual experiences that I enjoy on my podcast.

To those who wish to know what they are getting before spending, I suggest you take a leap of faith. The old me would politely tell you to fuck off, but each day I am growing to be the best companion that I can be. Why is that? I truly love this work. I understand your hesitation but you are always in good hands with me as I take my reputation seriously.

I work harder than most ever could imagine because I am a woman, I am black, I am looked down on for having higher rates, but with that comes a higher level of service and standards for myself.

Will this satisfy the appetite of the undecided buyer of time?

I am not sure.

Will I ever succumb to having my persona tied to explicit distasteful reviews?

Most likely not.

Spending time with a companion is an experience and not an actual physical product.

The right to withdraw consent to any activity that may be harmful or uncomfortable must remain present for yourself and the person you are seeing.

Each experience can vary as we all seek different outcomes.

If you are able to trust that process then you will always have a delightful time no matter who you are with.

Companionship is a luxury not a necessity.

Reviews have no place in such a dynamic market.

Where you can verify me without the need for reviews:


Twitter @exclusiveelliot


Preferred 411 P335523

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